Reflections from Sr. C

from the desk of Sister Catherine Griffiths, SNDdeN

Reflections from Sr Catherine Griffiths, SNDdeN
January 3, 2021

This is the first week of the New Year 2021.  We look forward and welcome it with trust in the goodness of God.  Although the year we leave behind has been a difficult one, still it held many blessings, known and unknown, and for these we are forever grateful. 

2021 unfolds before us with its mysteries, challenges, graces and blessings.  And in all of it God will be there nudging us on, the God who never leaves us.  God is our all.  Let us go trustingly through each day, asking God to grant us the grace to move gracefully through each moment as it unfolds.  Life, as all of us know, is not always easy.  It has its ups and downs and joys and sorrows for each one of us to bear.  The year we left behind was proof of that.

 A friend of mine had a picture painted of God carrying her.  It’s a good image. Imagine God carrying you, holding you by your hand or whatever is most helpful to you.  God will never leave you.

Hold on to this thought.  Cling to it.  Life is a journey, a journey toward our good God.  Oh, with what joy God will be waiting for us at the end of our lives, inviting us home into waiting arms.  In the meantime, here we are, going along, day by day.  Here’s a short, usually sung mantra, from Kathy Sherman that in the interim may help.

I am with you on the journey
and I will never leave you.
I am with you on the journey,
always with you.

Reflections from Sr Catherine Griffiths, SNDdeN
November 20, 2020

Here we are once again in November but one unlike any other in our lifetime.

No matter what is happening in our lives – between the corona virus and its effect and the uproar happening over the election – this is when we yearly, as a nation, take time out to be grateful for all that we have received.

Some people may argue, “What do we have to be thankful for in our present reality?”  For myself, the forever optimist, I say, “Plenty”.  As I awake each morning I gaze out my window and thank God for my life and another day.  I welcome it and ask my good God to help me live each moment as fully as I am able in his presence.   As I move through my day I feel gratitude for the people in my life who take such loving care of me.  I remember, in particular all those who have moved in and out of my life this year either in person, virtually, or in other ways and I thank God for each one.  We may have given up some things, but what due to necessity, has replaced them?  I pray every day that I will notice all the big and little things that God sends my way and that I will live in a spirit of gratitude.

We can’t negate, I know, all the difficult things people have experienced in their lives during this past year due mostly to the pandemic. For many, during the upcoming seasons of celebration there will be sadness and hardship.  I pray that we will know how to reach out and give some comfort and maybe even some moments of joy.  May we hold our country and all the peoples of the world in our hearts and prayers.  Amen.                                

Reflections from Sr Catherine Griffiths, SNDdeN
October, 2020

During these days of turmoil and stress we are called to turn more than ever to our good God.  For me, I often turn to psalm 91 in Nan C. Merrill’s “Psalms for Praying.”  It causes me to feel so loved and protected.  Just reading the word, SHELTER, makes me want to hunker down in the arms of my most gracious God, my place of safety.  So much nowadays occupies our minds with anxiety, fear, and so many other things.  In a matter of months not only our lives but the world has changed.  We are not who we were seven months ago.  However, our God has not changed, he is the same forever and ever.  In the beginning of the psalm, we read and pray:

“You who dwell in the shelter of Infinite Light,
who abide in the wings of Infinite Love,
Will raise their voices in praise:
“My refuge and my strength;
in You alone will I trust.”

My God, in You alone will I trust.  It can almost be a mantra. God is our only hope.  Find a quiet spot and just sit at the feet of God or Jesus or whatever feels most comfortable to you.  Maybe it’s a bench in the park or a cabin in the woods.  My place is just that, a cabin in the woods, a log cabin.  I imagine Jesus sitting in a rocking chair while I sit on the floor leaning against him.  He is my refuge, my strength.  I feel that nothing can touch me in that place of peace but the strength of my Savior.  It’s my place of peace.

Remember, we are protected, we are safe in the arms of our God.  Life twirls around us with all that comes at us in this time of chaos, sickness and pain but

God will never leave us.  He will certainly see us through the ups and downs of our lives no matter whatever is brewing around us.  So, let us pray and abide in the shelter of the almighty or infinite Love.  He is our only hope. To close with Nan C. Merrill’s consoling ending,

“All through the year, will I dwell in your heart, as Loving Companion Presence.”

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