Reflections from Sr. C

Reflections from Sr Catherine Griffiths, SNDdeN

During these days of turmoil and stress we are called to turn more than ever to our good God.  For me, I often turn to psalm 91 in Nan C. Merrill’s “Psalms for Praying.”  It causes me to feel so loved and protected.  Just reading the word, SHELTER, makes me want to hunker down in the arms of my most gracious God, my place of safety.  So much nowadays occupies our minds with anxiety, fear, and so many other things.  In a matter of months not only our lives but the world has changed.  We are not who we were seven months ago.  However, our God has not changed, he is the same forever and ever.  In the beginning of the psalm, we read and pray:

“You who dwell in the shelter of Infinite Light,
who abide in the wings of Infinite Love,
Will raise their voices in praise:
“My refuge and my strength;
in You alone will I trust.”

My God, in You alone will I trust.  It can almost be a mantra. God is our only hope.  Find a quiet spot and just sit at the feet of God or Jesus or whatever feels most comfortable to you.  Maybe it’s a bench in the park or a cabin in the woods.  My place is just that, a cabin in the woods, a log cabin.  I imagine Jesus sitting in a rocking chair while I sit on the floor leaning against him.  He is my refuge, my strength.  I feel that nothing can touch me in that place of peace but the strength of my Savior.  It’s my place of peace.

Remember, we are protected, we are safe in the arms of our God.  Life twirls around us with all that comes at us in this time of chaos, sickness and pain but

God will never leave us.  He will certainly see us through the ups and downs of our lives no matter whatever is brewing around us.  So, let us pray and abide in the shelter of the almighty or infinite Love.  He is our only hope. To close with Nan C. Merrill’s consoling ending,

“All through the year, will I dwell in your heart, as Loving Companion Presence.”

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